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Updated: 07/19/06

The following History file describes the building and modifications of Tom's HA webpages...

07/19/06 Well, again it's been a while since updates but other hobbies and tasks have been consuming much of my time lately.  I did though notice (along with help and prodding from a few webpage readers) that a bunch of schematic links have gone dead.  I have since updated the links!  (I'm now hosting pics on my page seeing  that these schematic links are dead and no where to be found).  These changes can be seen here:

01/19/05 Well, it's been a while.... busy busy busy at work.. and play of course.

I updated a few links throughout the webpage as I have noticed a bunch of dead links.
More mod stuff is coming soon.... really!  :)

08/17/04  Had to rehost my webpage/domain as the provider ( went belly up !

I will soon be adding a lot of material to the mods pages so stay tuned !  :)

09/10/03 I finally got my own domain name on the internet! (  Be sure to check back often as I plan to be making some much needed additions and improvements over the next year.  Also, please be sure to update your link/bookmark to this webpage.
  • Time just has not been on my side lately.  I have tons to add but not enough time to add it!
  • I've added a few more links and cleaned up a few dead link... Thanks to those who informed me of the dead link!
  • The Webstore has been abandoned until I host my own server (some time this Summer hopefully).
  • Hope to make more webpage updates soon!  Please check back often. 
  • Tom is also hoping to get his Home Automation Webstore up and running in the next month or so.
  • It's been a while,... I know,... but I finally fixed a bunch of broken links (I really wish others would not change URLs on their webpages!).  Cleaned up some other stuff and hope to add much more content in the very near future!  REALLY!
  • Check out Tom's NEW project! This project involves the building of a Multi-Housecode RF receiver! It uses the daughterboard of a TM741 Transceiver and a Basic Stamp-IIsx programmable microcontroller manufactured by Parallac Inc. Follow this link ---> Tom's Basic Stamp Automation Ideas
  • Boy has it has been a while since I have made some updates!. Work (real work!) has been keeping me darn busy lately including quite some unexpected travel. I'm in the process of also writing an X-10 book (mainly some general X-10 stuff but mostly geared towards JDS Stargate Home Automation system users. This book will include some basic X-10 background, hints and tricks, but more importantly, concentration of Stargate's features, how to use them and a bunch of example code and ideas. 

  • Major updates to webpage this go-around including Look/Feel, New Modificatons , New Links, and of course, MORE IDEAS and info !
  • Added a few more (PDF formatted) X-10 Schematics (Wallswitch/WS467 and MiniController/MC460)
  • Added (& Cleaned up) more of my X-10 Links !!!
  • Still working on NEW! X-10 Home Automation Webpage files (having problems with frames... now I know why people don't like "Frames" !)
  • Finished adding details to MS-12A mods.
  • Added Thankyou note... I WON THE HTI CONTEST !!!
  • Added more of my X-10 Links !!!
  • (Includes Ideas on Doorbell, Switch Outlet, Algorithms, Drapery ..etc...) 
  • Removed link to HTI Contest Voting (Hope I Win !!)
  • Worked on MS-12A Modifications (Reed switch mod)
  • Added Modification to exisiting Doorbell for X-10 interfacing 
  • Decided to add this "What's Changed ?" page to my HA Webpage !

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