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Current/Voltage Sensors

Jameco Electronics - Online Catalog (Curent Sensors)
Coilcraft Current Sensors
Current transformer, current relay, voltage transformer, current sensing products from CR Magnetics
Sypris Test & Measurement (Current & Hall Effect Sensors)

Pool/Spa/Irrigation Automation

Sprinkler Controller (by RCI Automation)
Acu-trol Webpage (Pool automation items)
Compool Home Page
Innovative Pool Products
WGL's Sprinkler Controller for X10 Automation Systems

Audio/Video Automation

Media Systems Home Page
Maxim Audio/Video Switches (IC)
PCtheater - HTX Technology's Home Automation - PCtheater and Cortege - DVD, PC, Internet, Audio, Video, Security, Home Management and more!
RealJukebox: the ultimate product for music lovers
DishNetwork - 4000 IR Upfit Modification
Thinnest Plasma TV on the Planet by ReVox
A Cable TV Distribution System
AUTON Motorized Systems Home Page

Camera Stuff

Axis Communications - Products - Axis 240 Network Camera Server
Play Incorporated:Products:Snappy
SnapCAP Download
EasySnap Webcam Software
KSnap: Kent's Autopmatic Snappy Snapper
Perth WA LiveCam
SnapCap: Automated Image Capturing
SnapCap: Automated Image Capturing (USERS!)
Spy camera, hidden camera, wireless camera and surveillance products from Matco Inc
 00 Security (Security Cameras & CCTV Systems)  -  http://www.00security-cameras.com/
http://www.eyetechdigital.net  (Security Cameras & CCTV Systems)

CD Jukebox Controller Stuff

Wintrax PC Jukebox Software & Hardware
GrayWolf JukeBox CD Control Software
GrayWolf Software (CD Jukebox)
MusicMatch: The Jukebox
Nirvis Systems (S-Link CDJ Kit)
Welcome to CDDB
Consumer Direct Warehouse 800-789-4260 - Toshiba, DVD, Harman Kardon, JBL, Samsung, Sherwood, Panamax
Escient Home Page


CD Streamer RealAudio MPEG MPG compression CDDB CD Windows 95 NT4
Audiograbber, CD-ripper for windows 95/98/NT
[ henrik husted.net | winamp ]
[ henrik husted.net | winamp ]
Tord's Homepage / Homepage for BladeEnc
MP3 Manager
MusicMatch - Jukebox Software, LocalArtists MP3 Free Music Catalog, RealArtists.com
Winamp | Homepage |
My Do-It-Yourself Cable TV, Audio, Video, and Infrared Remote Distribution System
Phillips "PRONTO" intelligent remote control
Phillips "PRONTO" intelligent remote control
SONY PC VisionTouch
Sony S-Link Resource Center
Welcome to Arrakis Systems inc.


ACS - Home Automation and Controls Designers, Developers and Manufacturers
AVC: What is CEBus?
CEBus Industry Council Web Site
CIC Memberhship Roster Page
DOMOSYS CEBus Web site
EE Times - News 1996
Home Tool Pro, HTI Product Review
HomePnP Specification Page
Intellon Corporation
Intellon Library (Great Articles/Info)
Smart Corporation Inc. (CEBUS Products)
SmartOne CEBUS System, HTI Product Review

Controllers for HA

Applied Digital, Inc.
ADICON X-10/IR controller
Cardio Secant Controller Home Page
Cardio Secant User's Manual (in PDF format)
Heyu Home page (CM11A and CP290 stuff)
HomeVision - Interactive Intelligent Home Control
HomeVision by Custom Solutions, Inc.
IBM Home Director X10 Starter Kit
PHAST Corporation Home Page
Stargate/TimeCommander by JDS Technologies: Home Page
The Unofficial Stargate Users' Webpage
Things Stargate can do !
Vidan Corporation
Vidan Home Control System
Welcome to AMX Online
Welcome to CrestronWeb
X-10 ActiveHome Kit (CK11A)


The Crestron CT-1000 Display/Controller
The Qubit Technology Homepage
Matrix Orbital
Thinnest Plasma TV on the Planet by ReVox
Pacific Neo-Tek
386 TouchScreen Laptop Liquidation Sale!
Advantech Panel PC --Products
AMX Corporation
Cardio Secant Controller Home Page
Carroll Touch: Touch Info
DBI Inc. (Flatpanel displays)
Vadem | Mobile Computing and Communications Solutions
Vidan Corporation

Drapery/Window Automation

3M Window Privacy Film
BTX Window Automation
DN - Re: Open Window Detection
Hunter Douglas Blinds
Makita Automatic Drapery Openers: Home Page

FAQ/Discussion Groups/Info Links

The Home Automation Forum - Welcome
Mike's X10 Firecracker Board
The Home Automation Forum - Welcome
RC: X-10 Chat Forum
FAQ section 2 : Information on X10 Components
FAQ section 5 : Modifications to X10 hardware
FAQ section 5 : Modifications to X10 hardware
FAQ: comp.home.automation (Version 1.09 - 28 Feb 95)
HA for Dummies Article (HTI News Oct 96)
Home Automation (JDS) FAQ (scruz.net)
Home Automation and Systems Integration Message Board
Home Automation and Systems Integration Message Board
HTI Home Automation Article Library
Learn About Home Automation, Security, Audio/Video Control - HomeTech
PHOAKS: Frequency for comp.home.automation
WWW Home Page for comp.home.automation
X-10 Device Hints and Kinks
X10 FAQ ! (Hometeam)
X-10 FAQ (X-10)
Yahoo! Clubs homeautomation
Leike's European Forum


HA in the News (Articles)

Story: $1 Million Giveaway: Smarten Up *Your* Home
Enabled ahead of the curve (HA MSNBC Article)
HTI Home Automation Article Library
ZDNN Special Report: The dark side of the digital home

Humidity Sensors

Humidity and Moisture Sensors
Humidity Sensor
Remote Measurement Systems - Sensors and Techniques
Vernier Relative Humidity


Chilipepper Hot Water Appliance
Ouellet Canada Inc. (Electric Heating Devices)
Venstar T100RC Wireless Thermostat/Controller

IR Stuff

Pronto Remote Stuff

Barenada's Pronto Page
PRONTO by Philips
RC: Philips Pronto File Archive
RC: Philips Pronto Message Forum
RC: Pronto Archive - Utilities
Sony Universal Remote (TC) Info
IRIQ High Performance, Universal Remote
Pronto Edit, The Resource Community For The Pronto Intelligent Remote Control
500T - Product Info
CNET Download.com for the PC - OmniRemote
CD changer controller
Computerized Infrared Remote
Infrared Info and other electronic info
IR Remotes Page
IR table
IR/Comp Kits
Microsoft Universal takecontrol
My Do-It-Yourself Cable TV, Audio, Video, and Infrared Remote Distribution System
One For All Consumer Support Home page
One-For-All Set Up Codes
Optoelectronics (Decoding IR)
PC-based IR Remote ! (PCRemote)
Red Rat IR Recorder/Player
Remote 3.4 by Björn Gahm
S-Link and IR Codes
Sony Control-L Page
SONY Control-S Specs/Info
Sony S-Link Resource Center
Sony's Control-S Protocol
The iRX 2.0
U-OFA-URC: Serial Port Cable
U-OFA-URC: The Unofficial One-For-All Universal Remote Control Pages
Wristwatch IR Remote
Zig's Amazing IR Remote Control Page

Lighting/Fiber Optics

HTI Articles on Lighting
LiteTouch, Inc. Web Site
LiveWire Enterprises, Inc.
Lutron Electronics  Lighting Controls and Dimmers
Super Vision International, Inc.--Fiber Optic Lighting Products and Applications
Todd's Fiber Optic Lighting Webpage

Links to HA Links!

Cool Home Automation Links
Home Automation Links
HOME TEAM: Advanced Search Site
HTI Home Toys - Home Automation Link Library
Ouellet Canada Inc. (Electric Heating Devices)
Ron Pool's Home Automation Links
The Home Automation Index (Original)


Locknetics (Electronic Door Locks/Deadbolts)
Keyless Locks and Access Control at Wholesale Prices
EasyKEY Systems - Keyless Lock Entry
The Powerbolt site


Wall Switch Mods (The Home Automation Forum)

Building a Coupler (parts)

Digi-Key Corporation -- (Inductor List)
Digi-Key Corporation -- (18MH fixed Inductor)
Digi-Key Corporation -- Part Search (List of .1 uF)
Digi-Key Corporation -- (.1 uF Cap, 400V)
Digi-Key Corporation -- Part Search
Ido Bartana's X-10 Modification Webpage
Creative Control Concepts
Coilcraft Current Sensors
DishNetwork - 4000 IR Upfit Modification
Basic Stamp BS-1, EEPROM, Temperature Measurment
Controlling 110v with Computer
CP-290 Modification for Improved Clock
Doug Smith's Improved X-10 Wall Switch
Doug Smith's X-10 Lamp Project
Doug Smith's X-10 Mini Controller Repair
FAQ section 5 : Modifications to X10 hardware
FAQ section 5 : Modifications to X10 hardware
FreeBSD Home Automation
Hans Attersjö's home page
Hans Otten's X10 page
How to make an X-10 wall switch capable of local dimming.
Krazy Keith's World of DIY Home Automation
Learn About Home Automation, Security, Audio/Video Control - HomeTech
Stamp-to-DS1820 (by Dan Clemmensen)
Tom's Home Automation Webpage (Mods, Ideas, Tips/Tricks)

Motion/Proximity Sensors

RF Ideas Webpage (Air I.D. badge system)
Electric Field Proximity Sensor

MS12A Occupancy Sensor

MAXIM 953 OpAmp/Comparator (in MS-12A)
Microchip PIC12C5XX Family (PIC12C508 in MS-12A)
MS12A Motion Sensor Schematic !
MS12A X10 Motion Sensor Review (ASI)

Personal HA Webpages

Kellee's Home Automation Projects
The Adaptive House
Len's Home Automation Page
The Home Automation Forum - Welcome
Ido Bartana's X-10 Webpage
The Nolen Home - New Controls
Worm Purple
The MisterHouse Homepage
Shephard Home Automation
Buchanan Home Automation
Chris Bergeron's Internet accessible Home Automation System
Craig Chadwick's HomeVision-Automated Home
Craig Colvin - Home Automation
Creative Control Concepts (baptiste)
Doug Moses' Home Page
Doug Smith's Home Automation Page
Dr. Edward Cheung
Garnet Bailey's HA Home Page
Hans Attersjö's home page
Hans Otten's X10 page
Harold Ennulat's Home Automation Links
Ingo's Home Automation System
Java Home Automation
Kerry Parker's Home Page
Kevin Keast's HA Webpage
Krazy Keith's World of DIY Home Automation
Mike Huggin's HA Webpage
MisterHouse: The Winter's (sometimes not-so) smart House
Ralph Ungers HA Webpage
Redoak - X-10, Home Automation, Halifax plc, Dabs Direct
Ron Boston's HA Webpage
Ron Pool's Home Automation Links
Scott Crevier's HA Webpage
Steve Prior's HA Webpage
SWN Home Automation
The Farquhar Family Home Page
The Swann's X10 Homepage
The Winter's HA Webpage
Tim Keenan's HA Webpage
Tom's Home Automation Webpage
Trigger's Home Automation
Wade Holst's HA Webpage
Wayne's Home Automation & Electronics Page
x10.crevier.org: Scott Crevier's Home Automation

Leike's Homepage (100+ Links in Europe)
The Born Pages (Real-time HA Monitoring Applet)

pH Sensors

Beetrode pH Electrodes
Chemical Sensors
Excite Search Results for "PH sensor"
Neptune Systems
ORION 91-05/06 pH Electrode
PerpHecT pH Electrode index
pH Controller (Full Setup!)
pH Electrodes by Weiss (Cheap!)
pH Probe Module (Lab)
pH the measurement of acidity or alkalinity in aqueous solutions
pH Turtle PC compatible pH datalogger
pH18 data
PHH7X Economical pH Tester with Replaceable Electrode
PHH-8X * Low Cost pH and ORP Pocket Testers
Remote Measurement Systems - Sensors and Techniques
TBI-Bailey's pH Sensors
Technical Reference * Electrode Basics
Technical Reference * pH & Conductivity Intro.
Technical Reference * pH & Conductivity Related
Technical Reference * pH & Conductivity Related
Vernier Sensors and Probes


X-10 Publications (manuals, etc...)
Your House Publications Homebuilding Tips From homebuilders
CEBus Industry Council Web Site
EH Online: Enhancing Your Lifestyle with Home Automation
Home Automator Newsletter Home Page
Home Team's "Whatis/Why/Howto Home Automation ?"
HTI Home Automation Newsletter
Popular Home Automation Publication
The Home Automation Association


 Security & More (http://www.securityandmore.com)

Reviews of Products

HTI Home Automation Product Reviews

MS12A X10 Motion Sensor Review (ASI)
Dallas Semi., iButton Overview
HTI Articles on Security


OCX for HomeSeer; Polling/Setting of Dallas Semiconductor 1-wire devices.
Omnipotence (ECS home automation software)
Java Interface for FireCracker (CM17A) X10 Interface
Sun rise/set VB program (Worm Purple)
Sun rise/set basic program (SkyPub)
The MisterHouse Homepage
X10 Mouse Remote Beta Site
ActiveHome Beta Software Page
Deadline Systems - SendM@ail
DN - Re: Sundown/Sunrise Algorithm?
HTI Home Automation Shareware Library
Java Home Automation
Keware Technologies creators of HomeSeer and HomeSeer ActiveX, Home Automation software for the CM11A
Latitude/Longitude Calculator
Port 16 and Port32 (OCX/ActiveX controls for VB)
Scott Crevier's X-10 Web Interface (CGI/ActiveHome)
X-10 Home Automation Shareware (Jumbo.com)
X-10 Home Automation Shareware (more)
X-10 Home Automation Shareware (Shareware.com)
X-10 Software and Upgrade Center
X-10/CP290 XPress S/W Download
X-10ify Software Download
XPress CP290 Software

Suppliers of X-10 Products

Leviton Mfg. Home Page
FutureStandard Systems, Inc. - Home
Applied Digital, Inc.
Twin Lakes Home Automation
Advanced Control Technologies, Inc.
Advanced Services Inc. (HA Products/Sales)
Arizona Home Automation: Home Page
Automation Plus Catalog
Baran Harper Group Inc. X-10 O.E.M.
Bass Home Electronics
Domoselect plus - Home Page
Elcom Technologies Homepage (110VAC Carrier-LAN)
HomAtion Systems' Home Page
Home Automation Control Systems' Home Page
Home Automation Systems (HAS), Inc.
Home Automation, Inc. Home Page
Home Controls, Inc., Home Automation Products
HomeTech Solutions - Home Automation, Security, X10, Leviton, Audio/Video
HTI Home Automation Directory - Search Results
Intella-Home Inc.: Manufacturer of IntellaVoice and IntellaTest, speaking X-10 products
JDS Technologies: Home Page
Llewellyn Data Processing, LLC (HA Products)
Marrick's X-10 Products Page
MouseHouse Electronics
PLM System (X-10 Outlet in France)
SmartHome Inc. Home Page
The Home Security and Automation Store
Worthington Distribution: Home Page
X-10 USA Homepage (X10.com)


TIRIS - Overview (Mobil Speed-Pass Cards)
HTH's Powerline Modems
HTINews Article on Powerline Modems
Patent Server: 4638299 Detailed View
Phase Coupling (Intellon/CEbus)
Stargate Home Network (NOT JDS)
Uncle Phils Article on X-10 Protocol
X-10 2-way Modules ! (NEW!)
X-10 Transmission Theory (X10.com)
X10's Technical Notes (PDF) for TW-523

Telephone Automation

Q-Systems Engineering "HomeSaver"- Freeze alarm/remote monitor/remote control w/ X-10
Telephone ringing circuits
HTI Tips (Phone ringer Shut-off circuit()
Bob Blick's DTMF Tone Decoder Schematic Diagram
Phonetics, Inc. Sensaphone Remote Monitors
SunBelt Industries Technologies Group, Inc Main Page - Featuring TextGrabber, Caller IDTV, Caller IDTV Plus, Display TV, IR Blaster, ClimateMaster, RoomMate Intercom System and much more! - Closed Captioned, Infrared, Infrared Devices, Caller ID, Thermostat, Thermostats, Home Automation
Telephone interfacing circuits

Temperature Sensors

Analog Temperature Sensors
Basic Stamp BS-1, EEPROM, Temperature Measurment
Dallas Semiconductor Corp: Thermal Management Products
Freeze Sensor
Hot Little Therm - Computer Serial Port Thermometer
HTINews Article - Temperature sensors
National P/N LM34 - Precision Fahrenheit Temperature Sensor
Nexus Computing - DigiTemp
Remote Measurement Systems - Sensors and Techniques
Slimline Temperature Alert Sensor
Temperature Sensor Plate
Temperature Sensors
Weather Related & Water Quality Sensors

Tips & Tricks

[JDS-USERS] CasaBlanca Fans
AC Voltage Sensor ! (Lancaster)
Doug Smith's Ultimate Garage Door Automation
HTI Home Automation Tips and Tricks
HTINews Article - Phil Kingery (3-Way Switches)
HTINews Article - Phil Kingery (Phase Couplers)
Survey of common X-10 devices and behaviors
Things You Can Do With HomeVision
Users' Home Automation Systems
X10 Controlled Garage Door


Mains surge suppression
Troubleshooting Tips (Castle Control)
HomeTech: X-10 Technical: Trouble-shooting Lighting Controls
HTINews Article - Phil Kingery (Phase Couplers)
X-10 Powerline Signal Analyzer
X-10 Troubleshooting Lighting Controls

Voice Products

Download Monologue 97 Trialware
HAL 2000 Voice Control System
IMSI's Voice Direct Professional
IntellaVoice Giving Every X-10 Automated Home a Voice
Voice Assist
Voice Signal Technologies, Inc.
VoiceCommand.EXE for MS Word 97
VOS Systems Homepage

Weather Products

Oregon Scienfitic
Building A Weather Monitor using a STAMP-II
Fascinating Electronics: Link Your Computer to the Physical World

NovaLynx Corporation-Weather Monitoring Instruments & Systems

Networking/Wiring Stuff

Networked Home
Low Voltage Home Pre-Wire Guide

X-10 Modules

X-10 Home Automation Images
DN - Re: Hawkeyes outdoors
New SlimFIRE Keychain Remote (KR19A) - The Pocket Pizazz Piece!
Baran-Harper Group Inc (16 unit transceiver)
FAQ section 2 : Information on X10 Components
Hawkeye II Motion Sensor - New and Improved - MS13A
Hawkeye II Motion Sensor (Programming info)
X-10 Compatible Appliance Module !
X-10 Device Hints and Kinks
X-10 Product Manuals


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