Updated: 09/10/03
Aquarium Automation Idea !
(HTI Contest Winner!)
X-10 Doorbell Automation Sunset/Sunrise Algorithms Utilizing Switched Outlets for Automation

Drapery Automation Ideas !
Mailbox Notification Moisture Detection Oil Tank (Heating) Level Alarm

Building an X-10 Line Filter

Using a STAMP II for X-10
X-10 Automation with your Automobile Weather Station Stuff
WARNING:  Performing these ideas/projects are done at your own risk.  I will not be held liable for any issues that arise from performing and using such projects.

Aquarium Automation Idea ! | X-10 Doorbell Automation | Algorithms! | Using Switched Outlets | Automated Drapery Ideas | MailBox Notifier| Moisture Detection | Oil Level Notifier | Building a Line Filter| Using a STAMP II for X-10 | X-10 Automation with your Automobile| Weather Station Stuff

HTI's Hint's/Tricks/Mods and HA Projects!
Bob Blick's DTMF Tone Decoder Schematic Diagram
Build this Telephone Ring Detector
CP-290 Modification for Improved Clock
My Do-It-Yourself Cable TV, Audio, Video, and Infrared Remote Distribution System
Patent Server: 4638299 Detailed View
Stargate Mini Projects
Stargate Projects!
The Full X-10 Specification (x-10spec.doc)
Ron's Home Automation Links

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